Mein Herz ist wie ein Stein, Musikforum Viktring Klagenfurt, 21.07.2017

Katharina Klement from Austria (b.1963), Krzysztof Knittel (b. 1947) and Otto Wanke from Czech Republic (b. 1989) are winners of the Gustav Mahler Kompositionspreis 2016/17 and authors of the three parts oratorio untitled “My Heart Is Like a Stone” based on three texts chosen by Peter Wagner and written by Sitting Bull (1875), Winston Churchill (1951) and Mamala Yousafzai (2013).
The first performance will take place in Musikforum Victring in Klagenfurt on 21 July 2017. under conductor Christoph Cech and with Paul Gulda (cembalo), Margit Kern (accordion), Wolfgang Mitterer (electronic instruments), Anton Feinig (Hammond organ), Igor Gross (percussion) and chamber choir.

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