orchestral compositions

ORCHESTRALLipps, tenor saxophone/trumpet, double bass, drumkit, large orchestra, 1974, revised 1978; 29 Staves, small orchestra (29 players), 1980-81; Nibiru, harpsichord, string orchestra, 1987; Concerto for harpsichord, orchestra and electronic media, 2004; Vagante for clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, piano, percussion, orchestra and electronic media, 2005; Toccata for symphony orchestra, 2007; Partita 1 (Koori) for saxophones, symphony orchestra and electronic media, 2013; Partita 2 (Inuit) for flute, string orchestra and electronic media, 2013

CHORAL: Out of the Depths Have I Cried unto Thee, O Lord… (texts from Psalms 23, 51, 102-03, 117, 130, 150), mixed chorus, tape, 2000; El maale rahamim… – O God, Full of Mercy (text from a Hebrew prayer), mixed chorus, large orchestra, 2001; St Matthew Passion 2004; A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising for actors, cello, piano, female choir, symphony orchestra, electronic media, 2004; AD-W2014 for actor, improvising soloists, orchestra and choir, 2014; Like a Stone – oratorium for 4 improvising soloists and choir, 2016