compositions for stage

detour (instrumental theatre work, after text by Theodor W. Adorno), speaker, cello, piano, percussion, 2 tapes, 1974;

Glückspavillon for Cathy(instrumental theatre work, text by KK), tuba, tape, 1978;

Woman’s voice(ballet, scenario by KK after poems by Rafal Wojaczek), percussion ensemble (4), tape, 1980;

Light (monologue for actress, text by KK), 1981;

Satan in Goray(ballet, scenario by KK after novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer), flute, violin, cello, piano, tape, 1993;

Der Erwählte(ballet, scenario by Marek Wortman after novel by Thomas Mann), recorders (soprano, alt, tenor, bass), cornemuse, baroque trombone, lute, harmonium, percussion instr., synthesizer Yamaha DX7IIFD, fiddle, viola da gamba, 1995;

Awakenings (ballet, scenario by Piotr Bikont after novel by Oliver Sachs), speaker, saxophones (soprano, tenor), percussion instr., synthesizers, samplers, sound installation, 1998;

The Heartpiece – Double Opera (composed together with John King, libretto by John King and KK after theatre piece by Heiner Müller), soprano, el. guitar, drums, synthesizer + sampler, string quartet, 1999;

Spiegelverkehrte Reise (text by Piotr Bikont), soprano, actor, 2 CDs, 2000;

The circus has come!(text by KK), soprano, flute, cello, piano, prepared piano, dancer, 2 x CD, 2003;

Sonata da camera nr 16(text by KK), 4 actors, chamber orchestra, electronic sounds, 2006;

Meetings – in two unfulfilled acts(ballet, scenario & choreography by Ewa Wycichowska), chamber orchestra, 2011;

The Final Judgment (opera, libretto by Miroslaw Bujko), soloists, orchestra, choir, 2017;

Maurycy Beniowski. Alternative Opera (libretto by Maciej Wojtyszko), 6 solo voices, electronic instruments, percussion, 2022