chamber compositions

                                   CHAMBER MUSIC (also with electronics):

~440, violin, piano, tape, 1973; form A, form E, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, 5 spotlights, 1973; a la Santé, clarinet, trombone, cello, piano, 1974; dorikos, string quartet, tape, 1976-77; String Ouartet “Ursus”, 1976/90; sketches for any performers, 1978; low sounds, tam-tam, tape, 1979 (version of tape work; also versions for synthesizer, tape, 1990; electric guitar, synthesizer, tape, 1991); Five Pieces, cello, piano, 1979-80; ManOrchestra I, any number of players, tape, 1982; Starry Sky, 5 percussionists, 1982; Black Water, White Water, Old Stream, any number of players, tape, 1983; Its time now, piano, any 5 players, 1983; Nora, harp / any keyboard instrument, 1983; String Quartet84-‘85, 1984-85; Three Cassettes, any 3 players, 3 tape players, 1986; Brother Johns Struggle, flute, trombone, guitar, violin, percussion, 1987; Histoire II, clarinet, piano, synthesizer, tape, 1988; Homage to Charles Ives, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, viola, double bass, piano, percussion, 1991-92; Negev, synthesizer (+ sampler, percussion), 1993; Sonata da camera No. 1 (for Tomasz Stanko), improvising trumpet, live electronics, 1993;  Sonata da camera No. 2 (for Marek  Chołoniewski), live electronics, 1995; Sonata da camera No. 3 (for Wladyslaw Klosiewicz), improvising harpsichord, live electronics, 1995; Sonata da camera No. 4 (for László Melis and Albert Márkos), improvising violin & cello, live electronics, 1997; Homage to Barbara Zbrozyna, synthesizer (+ sampler), 1997; Sonata da camera No. 5 (for Andrzej Wróbel), improvising cello, live electronics, 1997; Sonata da camera No. 6 (for Kazimierz Pyzik and Marek Mietelski), improvising viola da gamba & prepared piano, live electronics, 1998; Sonata da camera No. 7 (for Ed Bogaard), improvising tenor saxophone, live electronics, 1999; Sonata da camera No. 9 (for Wlodzimierz Kiniorski), improvising soprano saxophone (+ tenor saxophone), live electronics, 2000; Sonata da camera No. 10 (for Andrei Smirnov), improvising theremin, live electronics, 2000; Trio, any 3 melody instruments, 2001; Sonata da camera No. 11 (for Aleksander Gabrys), improvising double bass, live electronics, 2002; V2R Trio (Grand River Trio), clarinet, violin, piano, CD, 2003; Live from CNN for voice, trombone, syntheziser and tape, 2003; Sonata da camera nr 16 (for de ereprijs ensemble) for three actors, instrumental ensemble and electronic sounds  2006; First episode for violin, piano and percussion, 2006; snatches of memory #2 for two pianos, surround computer sounds and video, 2007; sketches II for any players – graphical score, 2007; cheap imitations for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, string quartet, piano and CD, 2008; Cimochowizna graphical score, 2009; Master’s exercises, live electroacoustic music to David Wark Griffith films from 1909-1915: What shall we do with our old? The girl and her trust; Those awful hats; The mothering heart; A corner in wheat; The country doctor; The painted lady, 2009; sketches III for any players – graphical score, 2010; Second episode for two violins and tape, 2010; Free for Windows for guitar and live electronics, 2011; About something which doesn’t exist for electronic instruments and chamber ensemble, 2012; Sonata da camera No. 19 (for Wojciech Błażejczyk) for guitar and electronic media, 2016; Sonata da camera No. 20 (for Krzysztof Olczak) for accordion and electronic media, 2016; Oneg Szabat for flute, violin, cello, electronic media, video tape (by Grzegorz Rogala), 2019; Przyczółkowi for horn, drums, 2021


Prelude, 1972; Three Studies, 1980; Four Preludes, 1983; Between, piano, tape, 1993



Histoire III, harpsichord, tape, 1989



low sounds (text by the composer), 2 speakers, tam-tam, tape, 1980 (version of tape work); 14 Variations by Piotr Bikont and Krzysztof Knittel on 14 Variations by Edwin Morgan on 14 Words by John Cage, voice, electric guitar, 2 synthesizers (both + sampler, any one + voice), 1986, revised 1992; Three Songs without Words, soprano, tape, 1987; Etwas aus Leben (text by the composer), voice, piano, live electronics, 1988; JingleJangle (text by Piotr Bikont), 2 voices (both + synthesizer), 1989; Instant reactions (text by Charles Baudelaire), soprano, trumpet, guitar, synthesizer, percussion, 1992; Sonata da camera No. 8 (for Andrzej Chlopecki) (texts by Andrzej Chlopecki, random sources), improvisational speaker, live electronics, 2000; Norwid Songs (text by Cyprian Kamil Norwid), soprano, piano, 2001; Interludes 1&2&3 (text – public domain), 6 solo voices, 2020; A ballad… (based on the poem by Wisława Szymborska) for soprano solo, 2021; Insects_birds_animals (text – public domain), for two solo voices and children’s choir, 2021